World Suicide Prevention Day 2017



Today, Sunday the 10th of September, is World Suicide Prevention Day. We need this day now more than ever with rates of suicide in Australia being at it’s highest in over 10 years. There is an average of 8 deaths by suicide each day in this country with another 30 attempts for each completed suicide.

If you see someone is struggling, even if you only suspect something is wrong, please, please ask them about it. Many people find this a difficult subject to talk about and some even believe that asking a person, friend, family member, co-worker, whoever, if they are contemplating suicide that it will make the problem worse. Believe me this is not the case. Asking often comes as a great relief to the person and you can help them find the help they need.

These are some great fact sheets for how to talk to someone about suicide:

If you need any help for you or a loved one you can also contact a crisis line which I’ve listed in the “where to get help” section, or if you think there is any immediate danger call your countries emergency number.


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