This Little Piggy Went to Market

I recently heard that Lifeline was in need of donations so when a friend invited me to go to the markets with her on Sunday I decided to go along. I made some home made dog toys to sell with the goal of raising some money for them.

I have to say my anxiety leading up to the day wasn’t great. I was worried about the crowds and the noise and the idea of actually having to sell things and speak to people. But I did it. I actually managed to stay through the whole thing without going to hide in the car.

There wasn’t many people there which was good and bad. It meant my anxiety was lower but also meant I didn’t sell much – in fact I only sold two toys. I made $10 for lifeline.

I have some leftover dog toys which I’m going to try and sell elsewhere and I’m thinking of making some more. It sounds like this may be a regular thing going to the markets and maybe I might go again. This could be a good thing, for me and for Lifeline.

If anyone wishes to donate to Lifeline you can do so here.




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