Wrist Bands

On my right wrist I wear three wrist bands and a springy bracelet. I’ve had several doctors, nurses and other people ask me what they are. I probably draw attention to them because I fiddle with them when I get nervous in appointments or just when I have general anxiety. This is them:




I thought I would address what they are. The springy bracelet I explained in my blog post “The Benefits a $1 Kids Bracelet Has Had on My Anxiety

The blue wrist band reads: “Tackling anxiety and depression beyondblue.org.au” I think that’s fairly obvious what the cause is there. Beyondblue helps Australians dealing with depression and anxiety by providing support and information. They also offer telephone and online counselling for those who need it.

Both orange wrist bands come from LifeSIGNS. The orange and purple one reads: “Compassion Patience Respect @LifeSIGNS SI Awareness www. lifesigns.org.uk”. The plain orange one (which also glows in the dark, how cool is that?) reads: “Self-care Self-love Self-respect @LifeSIGNS SI Awareness www. lifesigns.org.uk”. SI stands for self-injury. I got these from LifeSIGNS for self-injury awareness day which is on the first of March each year. Although LifeSIGNS is a UK based charity I like to support them anyway as they do a great job offering information and support to those who need it even if they are not in the UK and there is nothing like this here in Australia.

I wear this as a reminder to be kind to myself when things are tough, for something to have in my hand when I’m anxious and need to fiddle and finally to help raise awareness when anyone asks me what they are for.


Beyondblue – beyondblue.org.au
                         Ph: (Australia) 1300 22 4636

Lifesigns – www.lifesigns.org.uk


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