Some of my stories have been published in other places around the world wide web. Links to these are listed below:

The Mighty:

  1. How a $1 Bracelet Helps Me Manage My Anxiety
  2. What a Panic Attack Feels Like
  3. The Problem With Referring to Depression as the ‘Common Cold’ of Mental Illness
  4. This is What Social Anxiety Feels Like for Me
  5. Using Social Media When You Have Social Anxiety
  6. To The Medical Professionals Who Baby Me Because I Have a Mental Illness
  7. 5 Reasons Not to Use Mental Disorders as Adjectives
  8. What It’s Like to be Afraid of Talking on the Phone
  9. What Goes Through My Mind When You Don’t Reply Right Away
  10. To the Psychiatrist Who Told Me I Should ‘Find God’
  11. How the Girl Guides Helped Me in the Early Days of My Struggle With Mental Illness
  12. How I Answer the Questions People Have About my Self-Harm
  13. 10 Signs My Depression is Making a Comeback
  14. The ‘Small’ Thing That Gives Me Anxiety When I’m Grocery Shopping
  15. Why We Need to Take Mental Health ‘Sick Days’ Seriously
  16. 10 Mental Health Benefits of Rock Hunting

I am 1 in 4

  1. Let’s End the Stigma of Mental Illness 

Thought Catalog

  1. Why It Sucks To Have Anxiety In A World Dominated By Social Media


  1. How The Girl Guides Helped Me and Didn’t Even Know It (Girl Guides WA)
  2. How The Girl Guides Helped Me and Didn’t Even Know It (Girl Guides Australia)

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