My Stories

capeGeneral Anxiety

  1. What a Panic Attack Feels Like
  2. The Benefits a $1 Kids Bracelet Has Had on My Anxiety
  3. The Anxiety/Insomnia Cycle
  4. An Unusual Anxiety Trigger
  5. A Response to “Your Anxiety Isn’t An Excuse To Be An Asshole”
  6. Stress vs Anxiety
  7. The Anxiety of Self-Service Checkouts
  8. My Castle, My Home, My Safe Place
  9. Clothing Anxiety
  10. How Clutter Effects my Mood
  11. The Benefit of Fidget Toys


Social Anxiety

  1. What it Feels Like to Have Social Anxiety
  2. Social Anxiety on Social Media
  3. Feelings of Loneliness
  4. Telephonophobia – Fear of the Phone
  5. An Inconvenience to Other People
  6. A Quiet Rant For Quiet People – Reblogged from Bluertide
  7. When I Don’t get a Reply to Messages
  8. Children’s Birthday Parties


Depressiontounge out.png

  1. Did I Have Postnatal Depression? Probably
  2. Feeling Bad for Feeling Bad
  3. 8 Things I Need to do When I’m in a Bad Place
  4. Decision Making Can be Hard
  5. Depression – The Common Cold of Mental Illness
  6. Brain Fog – It’s Real
  7. When Depression Takes Over
  8. What is Depression?
  9. Depressing News
  10. Sparks of Happiness
  11. Reading the News
  12. 10 Signs Depression is Making a Comeback and What To Do About It


Borderline Personality Disorder

  1. Borderline Personality Disorder
  2. The Stigma of Borderline Personality Disorder


Self Harm

  1. Self Harm – Questions Answered
  2. Self-Harm – Wound Care
  3. “What happened to your arm?”
  4. Self-Injury Awareness Day 2017
  5. When You See Self-Harm on TV



  1. The Story of my Attempted Suicide
  2. Hospital Suicides
  3. Suicide is Not a Dirty Word


General Mental Health


  1. Let’s End the Stigma of Mental Illness
  2. Stigma on Facebook
  3. Why I Write


  1. Dealing With Medication
  2. Thoughts About Stopping Medication
  3. Psych Meds and Weight Gain – reblogged from Clinically Anxious and Manic Depressive: an Insight


  1. Living With IT: A Survivors Guide to Panic Attacks
  2. Medication and Alcohol
  3. Support Animals for Mental Illness
  4. 5 Mind Numbing iPad Games
  5. 4 Self-Care Tips for Difficult Mental Health Day


  1. Mental Illness is Fluid
  2. GP’s and Mental Health
  3. Recovery is Not Linear
  4. Understanding vs Feeling
  5. Mental Disorders are NOT Adjectives
  6. Relapses
  7. 13 Reasons Why


  1. How the Girl Guides Helped Me and Didn’t Even Know It
  2. Mutism
  3. Routine and Change
  4. A Letter to Medical Professionals
  5. Verbal Communication
  6. Interview by Happy Go Mama
  7. Intrusive Thoughts
  8. What if Physical Illness was Treated the Same as Mental Illness?


Things That Happened

Hospital Stays

  1. Hospital Admissions
  2. Time Away
  3. 12 Worst/Most Annoying Things About Being in Hospital
  4. A Little Accident

Change in Staff

  1. An Overreaction to the Unexpected
  2. Bad News, Terrible Reaction
  3. Ashes to Ashes
  4. Overnight Away
  5. Blood Under the Bridge
  6. Grief
  7. Change and Uncertainty
  8. Back to CMH
  9. Doctor Visit
  10. Ding Dong the Witch is Dead
  11. Meeting ‘S’
  12. Sticking My Head in the Sand

Memory, Motivation and Other Missing Things

  1. Short Term Memory Loss
  2. Motivation? What Motivation?
  3. Motivation – Still Lost
  4. Diary Update


  1. music.pngThe Day Woolworths Changed
  2. I Got A Tattoo!
  3. Christmas Eve
  4. Down the Street From a Serial Killer
  5. River Cruise
  6. I Love Overtaking Lanes
  7. Reading the Comments
  8. Labelling School Supplies
  9. School Meeting
  10. Concert in the Park
  11. A Rough Few Weeks
  12. Two Busy Days
  13. Cirque Du Soleil
  14. This Little Piggy Went to Market
  15. I Had a Hair Cut, Snippity Snip




  1. R U OK? Day
  2. Mental Health Awareness Week
  3. #FaceOfMentalIllness
  4. World Kindness Day

In The News

  1. Mental Health Stigma in the AFL
  2. Inappropriate Halloween Costumes
  3. Amy Bleuel, Dies Age 31

Stories From My Past

  1. School Bullies
  2. Equal Opportunities
  3. Getting my Driver’s License
  4. Why I Didn’t go to My Year Twelve Ball
  5. A Half Finished Nursing Degree
  6. My 18th Birthday
  7. Finding a Counsellor
  8. Mobile Phone
  9. Getting High
  10. Dear Psychiatrist


  1. Eye Contact
  2. Nurses – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  3. One Month On…
  4. Weighted Blanket
  5. Little Obsessions
  6. 13 Songs I Listen to When I’m Feeling Like Shit
  7. You’re Not Alone
  8. A Series of Letters
  9. New Years Resolutions
  10. Wrist Bands
  11. Social Media Badges
  12. A Missing Face
  13. Night Time Routine
  14. Participating in a Research Project
  15. 5 Reasons to Follow On Facebook
  16. Friends
  17. Body Hair
  18. Do You Still Sleep With a Teddy Bear?
  19. #WordsOfKindness

Just For Funball.png

  1. Socially Awkward Misfit
  2. Hyperbole and a Half
  3. Random Pictures Found on the Internet
  4. Heal The World
  5. Old Adverts
  6. Real Monsters
  7. Ascot Water Playground

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